Obesity is a serious problem that affects millions of people around the world. As per a 2015 report, 26.7 percent of Canadians were obese. And, Canada is also ranked among the most overweight countries when you consider body mass index. The problem of being overweight is a serious one and not as easy to fix as some weight loss guides and diet food manufacturers would have you believe. In fact, most diets and techniques can be detrimental to your health. It is imperative to take your overall health into consideration when going on a weight loss program. Otherwise, you may end up deteriorating your health.

Medical weight loss clinics like Weiss Mediacal offer Medical Weight Loss Program to help you lose weight in a healthier way. Let’s see how these clinics and their program helps:


When people think of weight loss, the first thing that comes to their mind is not consuming certain foods. But, are eating habits the only thing that causes weight gain? The answer is no. Weight gain is connected with your emotional and mental state along with diet and physical health.

Everybody is different. So, there’s no single best solution for shedding those extra kilos. It is imperative to listen to your body and consider your mental health to lose weight in the right manner. A Medical Weight Loss Program addresses emotional and mental issues along with physical health conditions. Medical weight loss clinics like Weiss Mediacal offers a Medical Weight Loss Program that goes beyond simply helping you shed fat. It focuses on achieving healthy and sustainable weight loss.



As mentioned above, weight gain is also connected with your emotional and mental state. Stress, depression, lack of sleep, and anxiety can all lead to weight gain. Medical Weight Loss Programs at medical weight loss clinics look at your emotional and mental side as well. They work on your behavior and help you overcome psychological barriers when losing weight.


When you begin with a Medical Weight Loss Program, a comprehensive evaluation of your medical, biological, emotional, and psychological health is done. Unlike other weight loss systems, the treatment is based on your state of health and designed exclusively for you. Depending on the assessment, therapeutic procedures and consultation are applied. This includes nutritional counseling, body movement and exercise counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychological counseling, and more.


Skilled and certified professionals help you lose weight and stay fit when you opt for a Medical Weight Loss Program. From skilled professionals to provide you the perfect diet that meets your health requirements to bariatric professionals to suggest medications and surgery options in the case of serious obesity, these professionals work along with you throughout the process to lose weight and stay healthy and happy.

Concerned about your weight? Weiss Mediacal offers Weight Management Program that uses highly skilled medical professionals to win your weight loss battle and live a healthier life. Losing as little as 5% -10% of your body weight can have immediate health benefits if sustained. Our Medical Weight Loss Program helps patients to achieve their weight loss in a healthy way, therefore reducing the level of risk for diseases and conditions. Get in touch with us to know more about our weight loss program.