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Have you been waiting for months for hernia or carpal tunnel surgery and are looking for a faster, out-of-province alternative ? At Weiss Clinics in Alberta we provide non-hospital services such as hernia and carpal tunnel surgery for patients who are looking to have their surgery complete within weeks.

Take advantage of low wait times and top-level surgeons so you can get back to living your active life, fast.

About Hernias

A Hernia is a medical condition that doesn’t tend to go away on its own. Therefore, surgery is the best-recommended route to improve overall comfort and prevent dangerous complications.

Hernias are recognized by the appearance of a slight bulge that can be typically pushed back. Patients experience discomfort in the abdominal, groin, and scrotum areas that can range from dull to sharp pain.

Worsening pain can occur when you stand for an extended time, cough, lift heavy objects, or are physically active.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a medical condition that often includes symptoms of tingling, numbness, weakness, pins and needles or pain in the hand or fingers. Surgery is often recommended for carpal tunnel syndrome to ensure the condition does not further progress.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is commonly caused by repetitive movements with the hand or grasping motions. Other such medical conditions that may cause carpal tunnel syndrome include: hormonal or metabolic changes, blood sugar changes, injuries or family history.

For progressive carpal tunnel that cannot be managed with medication or non-invasive treatment, surgery is often recommended.


The average wait time for surgery in Canada is 8-12+ months, which can add stress and keep you from enjoying your active and healthy lifestyle. Choosing non-hospital surgery options at Weiss Clinics in Edmonton, Alberta will alleviate some of that stress by taking you off a nationwide waiting list. Our surgeries can be performed in weeks, or even days.

Our non-hospital hernia repair and carpal tunnel surgery is offered to Canadian residents outside of Alberta.


Faster surgery time so you can get back to your active life or alleviating symptoms that keep you from your day to day functions
High-quality, tailored health care
Access to some of Canada's top general surgeons and hand and wrist surgeons
The use of state-of-the-art technology and techniques

Weiss Clinics will tailor your surgery recovery all to your specific health needs and will be with you every step of the way.

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