Do you always give in to your cravings for sweets when you’re upset? Or are you a diet freak, who skips important meals to stay slim? From surrendering to uncontrollable cravings, despite knowing their negative consequences, to controlling them precariously, it can be hard for some people to get the right nutrition. And, to add to this issue is the hectic schedule where you are constantly battling against yourself to achieve that ‘perfect life’. People want to manage their packed work and social schedules and live a healthy life at the same time. But often, time remains the enemy – they lack this time to shift to a healthy lifestyle.

Eating right is not only about the quality of food we have but it is also about our habits and mindset. Cultivating certain habits can drastically transform your lifestyle and improve your food relationship. We all stand to learn from people for whom eating healthy food is easy. Here are some things they do differently, which you can learn from:


Time and again research has shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people who have weight issues, skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast provides you with the necessary nutrients to fuel your day and boosts metabolism. As a result, regular breakfast eaters are energetic, have a sharp memory, and are leaner than those who skip this vital morning meal. Whatever your schedule, make sure you have a healthy breakfast in the morning. If you do not have time, then order a nutritious breakfast at work.


How many times have you munched on calorie-laden food when you were stressed or upset? Many people crave for foods with a high-calorie count when they experience stress or anxiety. They give into the temptation to mask that unhappy feeling with the emotion of guilt or regret for giving into the craving. When doing so, most people are not hungry and they exceed their per day limits of calorie intake. Eat only when you are physically hungry.


One of the signs of healthy people is that they listen to their hunger. They eat when they are physically hungry, but not more than what their hunger permits. Many people, even if they are full, still keep eating, probably until their body screams at them to stop. Being mindful when eating is extremely important. Develop a habit of listening to your hunger and fullness. It’s okay to leave out food on your plate, instead of ruining your health.


When you eat is equally important as what you eat. They both go hand in hand in cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Starving is a recipe for overeating. If you haven’t eaten for hours together and are confronted with your favorite food, then you’re going to have good portions of it. Make sure you realize the difference between snacking and treating. Snacking is also a great way to fight hunger. But, the choice of snack is crucial. Choose nuts and fruits to snack on, and chocolates, chips, and cookies as a treat once in a while.

Take a cue from these habits to develop a healthy lifestyle. If you’re having difficulty, then consider taking up nutritional counselingGet in touch with our representatives at Femme Homme Medical to enroll in our membership programs that provide you access to our nutritional counseling services.